CA+AT is a research traveling program open to professionals in the creative fields willing to deepen their knowledge of built environments that explore the relation between architecture, landscape, and art.

The Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 CA+AT editions explored the innovative Setouchi & Benesse Art Sites in Japan on the islands of Naoshima, Teshima, and Inujima, and nearby art sites, including the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum and Awaji Island.

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We are proud to announce Design Milk as 2017 media partner.

2017 partner


is founded and curated by Francesca Cigola and Kanae Maeda

Francesca Cigola is an architect and architecture writer based in New York with a MS in Architecture from Polytechnic of Milan.  Her research, articles, and book  “Art Parks. A Tour of America’s Sculpture Parks and Gardens”, (Princeton Architectural Press | Sassi Editore, 2013) focus on the relation between architecture, landscape, art in the contemporary build environment. She is the co-founder of m[h]ouselab,  a research lab based in New York that aims to promote architecture and design through research projects and exhibitions.

Kanae Maeda is an independent art curator based in NYC, originally from Osaka Japan. She has been curating and producing various exhibitions. She serves as a curator of contemporary art for an interior design company in Japan, has been commissioned many artists in commercial place like hotels, restaurants and stores. http://www.inart-g.com/art_coordination.html. Also, she is a director of online gallery called “State of Wonder”, featuring edition prints and original artwork for the international market. www.stateofwonderart.com. She is a contemporary visionary whose style and energy has created and enriched many businesses and lives.